10 things to do when doubting, Part 2

Tom Pattison, Year 11 guys leader, has come up with this gem of a post about doubt. This is the second part of the post, the first can be found here.

Following right on from the first post then…

6. Persist: We like quick fixes, but this is an unwise expectation to hold when we have legitimate doubts about such massive subjects as God and the universe. Do not quit after one conversation, but keep praying and keep searching.

7. Record: Put this answer into a concrete expression, whether that is a short Microsoft Word document, a presentation to your Bible study, a blog, a video etc. If you ever forget your answer, then, you can refer yourself and others to this resource.

8. Realise: Because knowing God is not something you can prove mathematically, doubts are a part of the journey. You might find that upon resolving one doubt another arises. So begin again with that doubt and look forward to how the investigation will deepen your knowledge of God, just as it has for all great Christian thinkers.

9. Fuel: at the same as you doubt your doubts and try to find answers you are looking for, you should also fuel your faith by reminding yourself of all the good things God has done for you in Christ Jesus. The central events of the Christian faith and the great promises that are attached are much stronger than most doubts which are often at the “edges” of the faith.

10. Know: at the end of the day, being a Christian isn’t about knowing all the answers, it’s about knowing the God who does know all the answers. The Old Testament book of Job is about a guy who wrestled with faith and doubt and eventually worked out that it was more important to have relationship with God (who knows everything) than to have all the answers himself.

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