Has science killed God?

The rise of celebrity atheism has led many people to believe that you have to choose God OR science, faith OR facts, religion OR reason.

If you read mainstream newspapers, listened to mainstream radio or watched television, it seems that you cannot believe in both/and: both God AND science, both faith AND facts, both religion AND reason.

But we believe that a thorough study of science is not only built upon a foundational belief that the world is ordered, as the Bible describes, but actually integrates in a healthy way with the theological–God-type truths–we find in Scripture.

The latest Little Black Book on science and God shows not only how this is possible in a world that pushes people to pick one team or the other. It also reveals how this is the smartest way forward as we think about what science and what theology–the study of God–are suited to exploring.

You can get your copy on Sundays at Christ Church, or order some from Matthias Media.

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