How can I know that God exists?

This is one of the biggest questions of all. In the past Christians have looked to philosophical proofs to try to prove that God exists. Some of the most common arguments have been:

  • The inner hunch: peoples in all cultures in all times have an inner hunch that there is a supreme creator being
  • The first cause: the existence of the world that started before my existence requires a supreme being to account for it. God is the first cause.
  • The incredible design in the universe: evidence of design and purpose in the universe requires a universal designer. We’ll call him God.
  • Morality: the existence of objective moral values implies the existence of a God who is in all and over all.

These can be helpful to some degree but non-Christian and secular philosophers have shown that none of these are complete proofs of God’s existence. But if you don’t think of them as proofs, but as clues to the existence of God, then they point strongly to the existence of God. If you add these 4 clues together with the idea that the mathematical chances of a planet sustaining human life is 1 in a trillion, trillion, the way that we live as though life and relationships have meaning, then it’s fair and reasonable to say that it’s more likely for God to exist than for him not to exist. That’s not scientific proof as we know it, but it’s a strong argument.

But if you want the strongest argument, try this on for size. Jesus claimed to be God. He claimed to be God in subtle ways and he claimed to be God in very open ways; that’s why the Jews wanted to kill him. No other world religion was started by someone who claimed to be God. And no other person who claimed to be God backed it up with the same kind of miracles, the same kind of persecution, and especially the same kind of resurrection. If Jesus’ resurrection proves that everything he said is true, and it does, then it proves that God exists because it proves that Jesus is God.

So we could argue about philosophy and science til the cows come home, or we could look at the historical resurrection of Jesus. That is the real proof that God exists.

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