SU HSC Study Hall info

Registration for SU HSC Study Hall has now closed.

If you have already signed up for Study Hall, here’s the details you need to know:

When: 26-30 September, 8:30am-6:00pm

Where: at Christ Church St Ives, Cnr or Cowan & MonaVale Roads, St Ives

What for: Study of course, 30 hours over the week in fact

What do I bring: All the study stuff you need, books, pens, laptops, paper,

What is provided: morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, tutors for most major HSC subjects, and some materials

Anything else: There’ll be optional activities on some evenings, and Christian input each day

For the downlow on Christ Church Youth cruise this site; for the skinny on Scripture Union get your clicker over here

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