Does Genesis 1 include scientific information?

We’ve been looking at the Bible book of Genesis this year, in a series we have called the Book of Beginnings. It talks about the beginning of everything: the beginning of the world, the beginning of people, the beginning of evil. So the natural question arises: is Genesis, and particularly Genesis 1 about the creation of the world, written to include scientific information?

The basic answer is no. Each generation has its own set of questions that it brings to the world of science. The scientific questions people had 2,000 years ago are different to the scientific questions people had 200 years ago, which again are different to the questions people had 20 years ago, not to mention the scientific questions we have today, or those that people will have in the future. So if Genesis 1 was written to include answers to scientific questions, it would only be useful to the particular generation of people who were getting their questions answered. Those who lived in earlier generations would be completely confused; those who lived later would be like, “duh, we’ve known that for years!” Genesis 1 is much more concerned with teaching us about God than about the particular scientific questions of any generation of people at any point in time.

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