Little Day Out

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We are very excited that Year 6 has joined us at Junior High. To celebrate and get to know each other a little better we are going to go ice skating!

Date: Sunday the 14th of February
Drop off: 11.45am at Christ Church St Ives
Pick up: 4.30pm at Christ Church St Ives
Cost: $30, this covers ice skating and lunch
Bring: comfortable socks and a jumper
Friends: we would love you to invite your friends to join us.

Driving: Leaders will be driving groups of Year 6’s from Christ Church to Macquarie shopping centre, and back. All of the leaders driving have their full licence or their green provisional licence.

Parents: We are always looking for opportunities to include parents in children’s and youth ministry at Christ Church. Each term we will set aside one week to invite parents and guardians to join us at Junior High. This gives parents and guardians the opportunity to see a little of what goes on at Junior High. We would be pleased to see many of you on the 26th of February.

Please make sure you register your child at:
If you hear of someone wanting to join us at the last minute,
there will be a limited number of spaces available on the day.