New youth ministry book

Are today’s youth the future? We often think they are the future: the future of the country; the future of the church. But in truth the future of our youth lies in the gospel of Jesus Christ. So the¬†youth of any generation need to hear and accept this gospel.

I’m amped to say that after a long birthing process involving some of the most experienced youth ministers in this neck of the woods, our new collaborative book called Youth Ministry on the Front Foot is now out.

If you are in any way interested in how to reach youth with the gospel of Christ–even if you’re still a teenager yourself–this book tackles the unique opportunities and challenges of ministry to this age group . There’s biblical principles and practical advice on over 30 key youth ministry issues, as well as a funked-up application guide at the end of each chapter.

If you want to get your sweaty little mitts on one of these bad boys get your clicker over here.

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