TC Friday Fun Night

The TC Friday Fun Night is coming up tor everyone in Years 6 to 8 at Christ Church Youth.

Rego is now open for this classic TC event, but before you sign your life away, here’s some important info…

What is it?

The TC Friday Fun Night is our end of year social event, and our welcome to the mighty Year 6ers who have recently joined us at TC. We’ll meet at church, then carpool down to the Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre, have some dinner, splash around in the water, then carpool back to church.

When is it?

This bad boy is on Friday 15 November, from 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Drop off and pick up are both at Christ Church St Ives.

How much is it (and when do I have to pay)?

It’s a bargain at only $15 (payable with a signed permission slip). But you better get your form and cashola in by Sunday 10 November or you’ll be having a TC Friday Lame Night instead.

What if I still have questions?

Don’t be shy; if there’s more you need to know then contact Scott at or by using the Contact Form on this site.

So how do I register?

You need to get to the form by clicking HERE, then get one of your parents to fill it out, then bring it back with the money. That’s 3 easy steps, so do it today!

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